Breakfast Got Me in the Mood for Weight Loss

I was unhappy about the way my jeans were fitting, which to me is the truest measure of where my weight is. When they feel tight, I know something needs to change. When my husband and I went on vacation a few years ago, I decided to tinker with what I ate for breakfast, since my typical habits and triggers would not have followed me there. I thought it would be easier to experiment with a new morning meal on vacation than it would be at home.

I went from eating a very starchy breakfast to a more balanced one (one that was high in fiber, omega-3s and low-fat dairy), and I ate it until I felt full. I realized that while asleep my body goes without water as well as food, so I began drinking a full glass of water along with my balanced breakfast. Healthy and hydrated, I started off my day feeling great.

Making tweaks to my breakfast ended up giving me the fuel to help make good choices. I had energy to get moving and exercise. My desire for starchy foods was replaced by a desire to feel good -- and to fit into my jeans, of course!

Breakfast is now my favorite meal of the day. My husband and I connect over breakfast, and we talk about and plan our day together. And now that we’ve both been motivated to eat right and exercise more, you bet we’re looking good, feeling great and fitting into our jeans. And we plan to keep it up. That’s why we start our day off right with a balanced breakfast, so when we encounter other temptations, we can convince ourselves not to break our healthy streak and keep on keeping on!

Do you meditate?

Finding your inner peace can also help in other ways. Did you know yoga can help with digestive issues? Your digestive health is affected to a large extent by the food that you eat and the lifestyle you maintain. Yogic philosophy believes that for good health, digestion is very important and is essential to a happy healthy life.

Many people have found that by doing yoga several time a week can help alleviate digestive issues and lead to a healthier digestive system. Others swear by the preventative value of yoga and have been able to largely avoid gastrointestinal issue through prevention. Yoga not only helps stretch and tone the muscles of the abdomen, it can also stimulate the endocrine glands and other digestive fluids to make them work more quickly and efficiently. Yoga helps the entire digestive become the well-oiled machine you want it to be. You cannot place a price on digestive health, so why not try it?

Yoga and meditation also helps increase awareness of the body and its ailments. Though modern medicine can provide intermediate relief, yoga for digestive system means a lifetime of healthy digestion. It helps you alter your lifestyle with ease, reduce stress and other environmental factors that may cause digestive problems, and helps you attain peace and inner tranquility. Breathing exercises like Anuloma Viloma and Kapalbhatti can help increase immunity by enabling the heart to pump more blood. Stretching poses help to strengthen the muscles of the digestive organs. For chronic disorders though, it is best that you to consult your doctor and a yoga expert and find out program best suits you and your lifestyle.

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Trying to slim down and nothing seems to be working? Try avoiding these food first.

1. Sugar-Free Ice Cream
Are you kidding? There is no such thing as ice cream that is good for you, or low-fat ice cream. It doesn't sound right when you say it because it isn't real. If you have a sweet tooth that take you hostage from time to time, try sorbet and a gluten-free cookie instead.

2. Guacamole
Avocados are a source of heart-healthy fats, but just one avocado can pack more than 300 calories and over half your daily allotment of fat! Eat no more than a quarter of an avocado per day (one or two dips) or skip it altogether and try a lower-calorie fresh salsa instead.

3. Salad Toppings
They taste so good and since you're having salad you trick yourself into thinking you're eating right, but you aren't if you're eating these fattening salad dressings and toppings. Keep your greens lean and healthy by topping them with grilled chicken, eggs and an assortment of seasonal veggies instead.

See our complete list of seven sneaky foods that can they can sabotage your waistline and derail your weigh loss goals.


How I Reached My Dream Weight … at 50

Rosie Battista was 50 years old when she signed up for something most people don’t have the guts to attempt at 20: a bodybuilding competition. “I was tired of being told, ‘Rosie, you look good enough for 50’ or ‘for having three children,’” says Battista. “I just wanted to hear, ‘Rosie, you look amazing’ -- period.”

But it wasn’t just looks that motivated Battista -- she was ready for a boost in self-confidence as well. At almost 50, her life had spiraled out of control: Working through a divorce, dealing with a failed business investment, and negotiating the forced sale of her home took a toll, and she had gained 40 pounds. “I lost a lot of self-confidence,” says Battista.

That’s when she decided to focus on crossing just one life goal off her bucket list.

Building Muscle, Renewing Confidence

Jumpstarting Battista’s passion for fitness was her father’s interest in the sport and the small gym he’d built in the basement of her childhood home. Her son, who participated in bodybuilding competitions, recommended that she sign up for the NPC New Jersey Mid-Atlantic Natural Classic Bodybuilding Competition, and her daughter, Kate, entered the competition too.

Training wasn’t easy. To start, some of Battista’s friends were unsupportive of her goal, and her relationships with them quickly dissolved. A seven-day work seminar that involved travel, two injuries and lingering self-doubt also threatened to derail her.

But Battista persevered: In the 16 weeks before she would compete, she was working out seven days a week. She also stuck to a rigorous diet, which involved planning, prepping and carrying food with her everywhere she went.

“There were times I would sit in a restaurant with water, tea or coffee while others were eating, and that was OK because it was my choice,” says Battista. “I never felt bad about it.” Instead, she focused on being an active participant in creating a body that made her proud.

The Results

On that life-changing day when Rosie took the stage, she was the oldest competitor (while her daughter Kate was the youngest) but few could see the difference. On competition day, Battista weighed an amount she would not have pictured herself at when she started her bodybuilding journey. She had healthfully dropped 34 pounds, under her food coach’s supervision

“I was confident that I was on that stage having done everything to the best of my ability,” says Battista. “I knew there was nothing more I could have done, and I had given it my all -- heart and soul.”

In the weeks after the competition, Battista gained back about 6 pounds, which pleased her. She likes to maintain her weight now: “I feel really healthy and sexy,” says Battista. “I fit into my clothes, eat clean food, and also live a life where I can have a glass of wine if I desire.”

In the end, a healthy body is one that looks and feels good -- “without having to starve yourself or spend hours in the gym,” says Battista. The best part: With a healthy, balanced diet and perseverance, it’s achievable, no matter your age.