Breakfast Got Me in the Mood for Weight Loss

I was unhappy about the way my jeans were fitting, which to me is the truest measure of where my weight is. When they feel tight, I know something needs to change. When my husband and I went on vacation a few years ago, I decided to tinker with what I ate for breakfast, since my typical habits and triggers would not have followed me there. I thought it would be easier to experiment with a new morning meal on vacation than it would be at home.

I went from eating a very starchy breakfast to a more balanced one (one that was high in fiber, omega-3s and low-fat dairy), and I ate it until I felt full. I realized that while asleep my body goes without water as well as food, so I began drinking a full glass of water along with my balanced breakfast. Healthy and hydrated, I started off my day feeling great.

Making tweaks to my breakfast ended up giving me the fuel to help make good choices. I had energy to get moving and exercise. My desire for starchy foods was replaced by a desire to feel good -- and to fit into my jeans, of course!

Breakfast is now my favorite meal of the day. My husband and I connect over breakfast, and we talk about and plan our day together. And now that we’ve both been motivated to eat right and exercise more, you bet we’re looking good, feeling great and fitting into our jeans. And we plan to keep it up. That’s why we start our day off right with a balanced breakfast, so when we encounter other temptations, we can convince ourselves not to break our healthy streak and keep on keeping on!

by Deborah Glenn