5 Reasons You Should Drink Coffee

Most of us love coffee for it's wonderful, reliable ability to clear up our foggy heads in the morning and get us started on our day. Some of the fringe benefits are it offers a nice, harmless morning ritual to engage with, and it smells great too. And if you're in the cooler climates, it can help warm us up on those chilly mornings. But there are some legitimate health benefits to drinking coffee that some of you may not have thought of. There is a long list of potential health benefits, and listed below are our five favorites.

1. Drinking Coffee in Moderation Lowers the Risk of Heart and Cardiovascular Disease

We know you've probably heard this before but do you know why coffee can help reduce the risk of heart disease? There have been lots and lots of studies about the effects of coffee on heart health, and it's isn't hard to find evidence that supports both side of the issue. Some studies, like this one from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition say that coffee consumption can lead to aortic stiffness where the aorta, the body's largest artery, loses it's flexibility. Other research shows that the active ingredients in coffee can be beneficial to reducing atherosclerosis, which is a known contributor to heart disease.

2. Coffee Drinkers Have a Lowered Risk of Alzheimer's and Dementia

This is a debilitating disease that can seriously hinder your quality of life and become a burden for your loved ones. Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia have been known to be reduced in coffee drinkers. A study by the University of Finland School of Medicine shows a decline in the progression of dementia in Alzheimer's patients.

3. Drinking Coffee Can Help Lower the Risk of Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative muscular disease that affects million of people around the world and has no cure. Research and studies show that coffee consumption appears to reduce or delay the onset of Parkinson's related symptoms in men. Animal studies have shown that caffeine reduces the effects of Parkinson's in rats and mice, and can help increase the presence of dopamine and L-DOPA.

4. Drinking Coffee is Good for Your Liver

A study released by Southhampton University in the UK  in 2017 found that drinking an addition one to two cups of coffee per day can  reduce the risk of contracting a common liver disease and liver cancer. "Coffee is widely believed to possess a range of health benefits, and these latest findings suggest it could have a significant effect on liver cancer risk." Says Dr. Olivier Kennedy, the director of the study.

5. Coffee Drinkers are Less Likely to Become Depressed

Coffee is an upper, a stimulant, and people are generally happier and upbeat when they are stimulated either by caffeine or some other stimuli. This makes sense, sort of the way alcohol is a depressant and can lead to unhappiness. This article from Harvard Health is a good general summary of why, in moderation, coffee can offer health benefits to drinkers.

Now you can feel great about that second or third cup of coffee before you get on with you day! Read more about a good breakfast, weight loss and overall good health here.